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Tenant Finish

Cigna Regional Headquarters

General Contractor: Key Construction
Location: Dallas, TX
Square Footage: 204,000
Description: Multi-floor, New Construction

When you buy or lease a space for your business, you need it to reflect your company’s brand. That’s where tenant finish projects come in. This type of project allows you to remodel your new space so it reflects your brand and meets your operational needs. Let’s look at how commercial tenant finishes work and how Calahan Construction handles them.

Tenant finishes are also known as tenant build-out or tenant improvement projects, and they work in two major ways:

The building’s base construction is complete, but its interior hasn’t been customized for a particular tenant yet. Once the landlord and tenant agree on leasing terms, the tenant works with a tenant improvement contractor to customize the building’s interior and exterior, remebering also the electricians and plumbers, and here you will find a reliable plumbing services.
You lease or purchase a commercial space that is currently built for one business in an industry that’s very different from yours. For example, if you buy a restaurant and plan to turn it into a hair salon, you need tenant finish construction services.

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

General Contractor: Pacific Builders, Inc.
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Square Footage: 190,000
Description: Multi-Floor, New Construction


General Contractor: Metroplex General Contractors
Location: Dallas, TX
Square Footage: 71,000
Description: Multi-floor, New Construction

DLA Piper

General Contractor: Structure Tone
Location: Dallas, TX
Square Footage: 37,000
Description: Multi-Floor, Remodel